Customer Testimonials

“Called on a Sunday morning and spoke with the office girl. Within a half hour Justin, the owner, was out at our house. He advised us of the issue and explained the problem in normal language. Not all this nonsense no one can understand. Even showed us what he would be able to do and he even fixed it that day. Not many plumbers would answer the phone on a Sunday let alone come out to fix something so simple. Justin was very nice and knowledgeable. Definitely keeping their number on speed dial!” – V.G.

“My dishwasher was leaking and I had no idea where. Rich Sewer and drain came out the day I called and fixed one little fitting. Thought I was going to be charged an arm and a leg but was shocked that the bill was much at all. Thanks.” – Chris C.

“We knew that our sump pump was on it’s last leg but prayed it would last through this last stretch of rain. No such luck. Called Rich Sewer & Drain and spoke with Heather, she said that all her techs were out on other calls but she would call them to see where they were at. My husband wanted to call another company but I said wait. Heather called back within 10 minutes said her tech had one more sump pump left on his truck and he could be over our house within 20 minutes. Couldn’t believe it! What a great team!!!” – Sue

“Office girl was great and got us scheduled the day we called. Tech came out and knew exactly what the issue was. Quoted us a price and fixed it that day! I have never dealt with a business that had great customer service from beginning to end. I thought good customer service was only something that happened back in my day! Thank you so much!” – M.T.

“Woke up to about an inch of water in my basement. Called several other plumbing companies, some no answer and most told me they were busy and didn’t know when they could be out. Called Rich Sewer and Drain and Justin advised me that he was busy due to the rain but gave me a time as to when he would be out to my house. He arrived 15 minutes early and was done within a hour and a half. Cleaned up everything and had the bill ready, which was not as much as I thought it would be. Will definitely be calling them again!” – Sandy R

“My toilet wouldn’t work and found that my sewer line broke underneath the floor. Called and a tech was out right away. Even though it was an all day job I was able to use my bathroom by the end of the night.” – Michelle T

“It was the best customer service I have received in a very long time. Other businesses should model your service. The technician was outstanding.” – Rick S

“I have never had a plumber show up on time be courteous, informative, and over all just a good guy until now ! Thank you !”  – Adam V

” Techs came in the time frame expected. Did the job quickly and provided a much appreciated discount since the job finished early. ” – Cathy M

” Great work and done fast. Thanks ” – John W

” I rated good overall just because we couldn’t resolve the problem . However, the technician was great and service was a positive experience.” – Kieth R

” Thanks Justin ! Sink looks great and everything in leak free ! ” – Seth B

” Justin Gesty was exceptional. The two men that came in the morning missed a leak near the water heater and also weren’t aware my new water heater was defective and also leaking. I noticed at 4:00 pm. Justin came around 7:00 pm with another new heater and we were very grateful !! Thanks again ! ” – Kevin H 

” Not at all impressed ! The tech’s advice was to dig up my sump pump line to the street after wasting 4 hours plus double charging me labor, also the camera fee. My advice of using the garden hose took 5 minutes. Totally taking me for all he could, not fixed right the first time.” – Mike H 

” Very friendly, professional – took time to explain issues/ options.” –Amy J

” Tech was very professional and neat. ”  – Ron C

” Thank you. ” – Jessica S

” Very fair pricing. ” – Albert H

“Great Service.” -Becky O.

” You work fast and are reasonable ” – Karen P

” Great ! Thanks ” – Peter T

” Very friendly and professional didn’t try to upsell me on something I didn’t need , would refer . Thanks ” – Katie S